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The Labor of History

In a box of aged photographs and letters, Dr. Charles Scontras sees more than what’s readily apparent. An average viewer might take in people walking in parade-format or the way a few worn edges hint at a document’s age. Scontras sees people lobbying for safer working conditions, better hours. He sees a time, not long […]

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Reference Librarian

Industry Insight

Several years ago, George McBride, owner of Downeast Turbines in Whitneyville, Maine, had an idea for a new way to harness energy from tidal waters. At the time, he was teaching math to boat building students in Eastport. In 2009, he started his first prototype. From the beginning, McBride knew that he wanted his idea […]

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farming hay

Boosting Maine’s Economy through Information

In 1999, the Maine State Legislature designated Fogler Library as the State Research Library for Business, Science and Technology. The designation ensured that Maine citizens would have access to reliable information to support the growth of Maine’s economy and workforce. Since then, librarians at Fogler Library have operated Maine’s Business, Science, and Technology Library (MBSTL) […]

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Preserving the Sounds of the Past

In the mid-1980s, Barry Darling delivered a collection of recordings and materials from WLBZ Radio to Special Collections at Raymond H. Fogler Library. He wasn’t sure what would become of the recordings, but he had a feeling he was bringing them to the right place. “I worried they would just get thrown out if I […]

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The Wild West of Open Access Publishing

Working with graduate students at UMaine provides a wonderful opportunity for collaboration between faculty and the librarians here at Fogler. This proved true in a seminar I held for graduate students enrolled in Dr. Laurie Connell’s course SMS 691: Professional Habits of Mind, a course focused on responsible conduct of research, ethical obligations and values […]

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speical collections intern holding record

Listening to Local History

By her own account, Delaney Fitzpatrick didn’t know what to expect when she came to Fogler Library to find an internship. As a sophomore at the time, Fitzpatrick had trouble finding the right opportunity. When her adviser, UMaine Professor of History Dr. Micah Pawling, told her about an opening to work in Special Collections at […]

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