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Misinformation Challenge

By Jen Bonnet and Senta Sellers In the spring of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic ushered in an ever-evolving “new normal.” During this time, the world witnessed a prevalence of misinformation about COVID-19 on social media, in the news and in academic publishing. False and misleading claims ranged from suggestions for how to treat COVID-19 (for […]

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Evidence in Practice

The worldwide response to the COVID-19 pandemic brought questions about public health to the forefront. Conversations about healthcare, hospitals and healthcare workers proliferated news networks and social media. The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic also raised questions about information: where do we find it? How can we trust it? How do we get access […]

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entre nosotros journal

The Missing Volumes

When Dr. Mark Del Mastro was drafting a book on the 100-year history of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, one of his primary sources was the journal of the honor society, Entre Nosotros. During his research, Dr. Del Mastro, the Associate Provost for Curriculum and Academic Administration at the College of […]

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student holding book

Keeping America Informed

When people think of library resources, they often imagine books, journals, media or databases. The immediate image of a “library book” is the hardcover bestselling novel or the latest memoir from a celebrity. When thinking of library materials, most people don’t think of one of the largest publishers in the world: the United States Government. […]

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umm library

Finding the Right Direction

When the University of Maine at Machias became a regional campus of the University of Maine, the partnership created opportunities for the small campus in Machias to benefit from some of the resources offered by UMaine. For staff at the Merrill Library, the University of Maine at Machias library, the idea of collaborating more with […]

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film cannisters in archive

The View from the Sky

On the first floor of the James W. Sewall Company in Old Town, Maine, a green door made of heavy steel bares the sign “Film Library.” Through the door, a winding staircase leads to a basement where rows and rows of handmade shelving hold hundreds of film canisters, each with its own individual cubby. Those […]

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Partnering for Knowledge

By Jen Bonnet and Liliana Herakova At the University of Maine, the introductory Public Speaking course, CMJ 103, enrolls around 500 students every semester. Most of the students are in their first year of college, and for many, this is the only communication course they will take. For that reason, the course offers a critical […]

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Genetic Discoveries

Story by Michael G. Dunn. Originally featured in the 2018 issue of the Raymond H. Fogler Library Magazine. Inside the American Kennel Club Library in Manhattan, Dr. Laurie Connell stumbled upon an uncataloged collection of books. “I was [at the AKC library] for a few days and just happened to find them on the shelves,” says Dr. Connell, […]

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News of the Day

By Pauline Bickford-Duane and Brad Beauregard In Massachusetts, a researcher at MIT hopes to verify that a well-known artist visited the University of Maine early in her career. In the Midwest, a UMaine alumnus searches for old photographs of his family members. Here in Maine, several former classmates reminisce on their early writing careers with […]

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The Spirit of the League

With the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920, the particularly civic-minded and altruistic women who had fought for universal suffrage were free to take up further initiatives with a renewed faith in democracy. Many of them spoke of their single-minded pursuit of the vote as a kind of temporary renunciation—as necessitating a neglect of […]

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