Digitization Lab

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Our DYI Digitization Lab is available by appointment for converting analog media such as slides, 33/45 RPM records, audio cassettes, VHS tapes, and laser video discs to digital formats. Two flatbed scanners are available as well. We will provide consultation and instructional materials so that you can self-sufficiently convert analog media. This space is also available for viewing or listening to analog legacy media.


Patrons with a valid and barcoded card (accessible via our library transaction software) issued at a Maine library. UMaine students, faculty, and staff have priority over others.


Appointments for first-time use, assistance, or room reservations can be arranged by contacting the Circulation Desk (um.library.circ@maine.edu or 207.581.1666).

Upon Arrival

Please go to the Circulation Desk with your library card at the beginning of your reservation time. We will check-out any needed accessories and let you into the lab. The lab is located at the second door to the right of the marble staircase (inside of the Mall Entrance).