Acquisitions Department Procedures

Purpose: to document current internal procedures used by acquisitions staff at Fogler Library. The Acquisitions Department orders print books, e-books, standards, media, journals, and databases, and also manages other types of library acquisitions such as leased and donated materials.

    1. Ordering
    2. Receiving and invoicing
    3. Cataloging prep
    4. Funds
    5. Vendors
    6. Interface
    7. Reports and statistics
    8. Baker & Taylor leased books
    9. Miscellaneous
    10. Fiscal close
    11. Gift books
  1. Ordering
    1-1  Entering order records in Sierra
    1-2  Vendors we commonly use
    1-3  Ordering ebooks
    1-4  Ordering with GOBI
    1-5  Ordering with Amazon corporate account
    1-6  Ordering with Canadian firm order titles with ProQuest (OASIS)
    1-7  Ordering for Special Collections
    1-8  Ordering with Purchase Orders
    1-9  Ordering with Purchasing Card
    1-10  Ordering with an IDO (Interdepartmental Order)
    1-11  Ordering standards
    1-12  Ordering back buys
    1-13  Ordering titles found free online
    1-14  Ordering theses and dissertations
    1-15  Ordering streaming films
    1-16  Standing orders
  2.  Sierra: Invoicing
    2-1  Invoicing for check payments
    2-2  Invoicing Amazon, Pcard, GOBI, and ProQuest
    2-3  Returns and refunds
  3. Cataloging prep
    3-1  Preparing physical books for Cataloging (includes rush/reserve/notify)
    3-2  Preparing e-books for Cataloging
    3-3  Preparing physical media for cataloging (includes rush/reserve/notify)
    3-4  Preparing GOBI Canadian approval books for review and Cataloging
  4. Sierra: Fund Code Setup
    4-1 Creating a new fund, Part 1: Creating a fund code in Sierra
    4-2 Creating a new fund, Part 2: Adding a new external fund account to Sierra
    4-3  Fund Adjustments
  5. Sierra: Vendor Setup
    5-1a Creating a new vendor code in Sierra
    5-1b Editing an existing vendor in Sierra
    5-2a Searching for an existing vendor (supplier) record in MaineStreet
    5-2b Requesting a new vendor (supplier) in MaineStreet
    5-2c Requesting an update to a MaineStreet vendor (supplier)
    5-3 Linking a Sierra vendor to corresponding Mainestreet vendor (supplier)
  6. Interface
    6-1  Preparation
    6-2  Sierra portion of interface
    6-3  Mainestreet portion of interface
    6-4  Reports and final paperwork
    6-5  Locating and correcting errors
    6-6  Closing a voucher in MaineStreet
  7. Reports and statistics
    7-1  Daily posting
    7-2  Weekly budget report
    7-3  Fund activity report
    7-4  New acquisitions report
    7-5  Acquisitions statistics
    7-6  Database usage statistics
    7-7  Ebook usage statistics
    7-8  Ejournal usage statistics
    7-9  New Canadian books report
    7-10  Gifts-in-kind report
  8. Baker & Taylor leased books
    8-1  Selection and ordering
    8-2  Receiving Baker & Taylor leased books
    8-3  Yearly return
    8-4  Lease renewal and payment
  9. Miscellaneous
    9-1  Files/file storage
    9-2  Shared network
    9-3  RA61 account payment process
    9-4  Vendor accounts
    9-5  Moving non-leased ORRR books to stacks
    9-6  Acquisitions display case
    9-7 Creating an Excel report from Sierra review file information
    9-8  Creating a Word doc from an Excel list
  10. Fiscal Close
    10-1  Preparation
    10-2  Sierra procedures
  11. Gift books
    11-1  Working with donors
    11-2  Gift books processing
    11-3  Disposition of non-accessioned materials